Damp & Water Leak Investigations: A comprehensive Range of Damp & Water Leak
Thermal image showing leaking
Buried Hot Water Pipe

Water Leak Investigation, Damp Survey and Inspection

RS provide a comprehensive range of damp and water leak investigation services including the following:

  • Thermal Imaging to identify areas of damp/moisture
  • Moisture Scanning to locate areas of damp and moisture paths.
  • Dampmeter Surveys to identify areas of dampness and plot moisture patterns.
  • Water Analysis to determine the likely source of penetrating water.
  • Materials Sampling & Analysis to confirm actual levels of dampness and determine whether dampness is active.
Dampmeter Survey Of Water Stained Plaster

RS employ the most suitable technique or combination of techniques to solve water ingress and dampness problems.

RS provide detailed interpretative reports that indicate the source(s) of the leaks/damp, the potential remedial solutions and budget costs if required.

RS can also arrange and supervise the remedial works.

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Services Overview

RS provides a professional, innovative, reliable and competetive service drawing on many years experience in the investigation, inspection and remediation of buildings and structures.